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About Us...

Williston D. Teller is a progressive full-service professional surveying firm.  We combine proficient use of state-of-the-art CADD systems (including AutoCAD) with the drafting capabilities of our design teams to provide you with timely and cost efficient construction documents.  Our staff has over 22 years of engineering, construction and surveying experience and has performed engineering and construction management services for all of our projects.  We are fully insured and bonded and  we also provide free estimates.




Civil Engineering

Subdivision Design
Municipal Design
Road Design
Water Distribution System Design
Wastewater Collection System Design
Utility Infrastructure Design
Drainage Studies
Flood Plain Studies
Flood Certificates
Project Management
Construction Management
Engineering Consulting

Structural Engineering

Foundation Design
Retaining Wall Systems
Commercial and Residential
Wood Structure Designs
Concrete Structures Cast-in-Place
and Pre-Cast Designs
Structural Steel Buildings
Utility Structures
Bridge Design
Structural Observations
Project Management
Structural Feasibility Studies


Land Surveying

Mapping & GIS Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Right-of-Way Surveys
Improvement Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Legal Descriptions
Subdivision Layout
Construction Staking
As-Built Surveys

Land Planning

Project Feasibility Studies
Conceptual, Preliminary & Final Planning
Municipal Planning
Community Comprehensive Planning
Zoning & Subdivision Code Preparation
Site Planning
Land Use Mapping
Permit Approval Management

Title Surveys

GPS Surveying

High Accuracy Control Surveys
GIS Surveys
Real Time Stakeout and Topography